Professor Philip J. DiNovo is the Founder and President of the esteemed American Italian Heritage Association and the American Italian Heritage Museum in Albany, New York. He has also been knighted by the Italian Government and is a respected figure in America’s Italian community

February 2024

  As we enter 2024 I feel strongly that this is a perfect opportunity to evaluate how we carried out our responsibilities in the previous year. In the first place and blatantly noticeable is that attendance at our various events is still well below from what it was before the COVID pandemic. Also, we tried but were unable to accomplish the following: establish some programs for young people, recruit much-needed volunteers, offer a few programs I would like to see implemented. Now, on the positive side, we ended the year 2023 in the black, a fact that must be acknowledged with gratitude! A number of our events were supported and turned out to be very successful. These include the Porchetta Dinner, our Annual Italian Christmas Market, in-person and on-line Italian Language Classes, Albany’s Annual Festival of Nations and Theresa Viva’s cooking classes. Also, our Thrift Shop is doing very well and the new Bridal Boutique has proven to be a valuable addition to our building that sits along the Central Avenue side of our campus. I am happy to report that we have obtained a number of new members which is great. Our tireless volunteers, without whom we could not carry out the varied and vital tasks required of our organization, are truly wonderful. And, we thank each of them for sharing their time and talent on behalf of the A.I.H.A.&M.

Here is a 2024 Challenge for all of you:
I invite every member to assist us
by thinking of ways that will help our
entire organization remain vibrant.

We have new goals and we will try our very best to reach those that we have not yet been able to achieve. We are very grateful to the late Mary Finley along with Fred and Kay Benedetto for their generous donations to our Endowment Fund. Without a doubt, increases in this funding are so important for our future. Please help us to encourage donations to our Endowment Fund.

Within our museum we honor the Italian immigrants with love and devotion. When you visit you can walk the footsteps of your ancestors whose dream was to make a new and better social, economic, and spiritual life for us and future generations. Our exhibits remind all visitors about the values, challenges, courage and dedication it took to make their visions a reality. Our loved ones live on as long as they are remembered. Our museum remembers and thanks those who helped us obtain the American dream. All of what I have written dictates the reasons why we need your continued support. With your assistance we will maintain a vibrant organization in possession of an Endowment Fund large enough to ensure a bright future for our outstanding museum.

Since our numerous annual events required space in this particular issue of the newsletter, I was not able to go into greater detail regarding Easter celebrations. This happened all because the holiday is early this year! Our Italian heritage is so rich on many levels, especially with respect to the way in which our lives are enhanced through our traditional celebrations. My hope is that you will make these cherished cultural events a special part of your life.

Our museum is a proud guardian of past and present memories. Every time you make a donation it is a thank you to the Italian immigrants who helped us to obtain the American dream. We keep their memory alive!

In closing, I would like to sincerely extend to you and your families my best wishes for a very Happy Easter ~ a blessed Pasqua.

Prof./Cav. Philip J. DiNovo


 In honor of the Italian immigrants who came to the United States of America, we are committed to record and preserve the contributions of our Italian Heritage and culture to our society through our newsletter, cultural programs, activities, exhibits, and outreach programs.