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The American Italian Heritage Museum is unique in its scope and presentation. Collections include objects, photographs, and printed items representing the transition of Italian immigrants to Italian Americans throughout the United States. Visitors to the Museum are astonished by the amount of artifacts on display throughout the various exhibit rooms; additionally, they are thrilled to learn more about Italian culture and heritage. Each room focuses on a different aspect of the Italian American experience.


The Folk Art Room displays a wide variety of dolls from throughout Italy. In this digital exhibit, view several in a collection of regional souvenir dolls and learn a bit about their costumes.


Often acclaimed as one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Joe DiMaggio also represents the journey of Italian immigrant to Italian American. This digital exhibit offers a brief look into his life.


The harmonic talents of Italian Americans – and Italians – brought a surge of popular performers in plays, movies, television shows, and radio during the twentieth century. Learn about some of their contributions to music and the entertainment industry in this digital exhibit.


The Masks in the Folk Art Room symbolize how lives can be affected by isolation, celebration, and secrecy. This digital exhibit provides a preview on art forms of prevention and disguise.

The Old Photographs Room

The Old Photographs Room offers a visual history in tribute to the millions of Italians who immigrated to America seeking greater opportunities for themselves and for their descendants. This digital exhibit offers a preview of their extraordinary journey.

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