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  Festival of Nations 2017

Our New Italian Choir 2017


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  Top Places to Visit after Moving to Albany, NY

by Ryan Cox on Mar 22, 2017

In a state as historic and vibrant as New York, it is of little surprise that Albany continues to be a highly sought-after destination. As the stateís capital, it is a place where families have lived for generations, and they are quite welcoming towards people who are new to the area. As you begin the process of moving to your new home, you may be feeling anxious about moving to a new area. However, this apprehension will begin to fade as soon as you begin to take in all that this beautiful part of the country has to offer. With a diverse climate and many events taking place throughout the year, there is never a shortage of things to do.

American Italian Heritage Museum
With New York being home to such a diverse culture, it makes for the ideal place to celebrate the history that helped form this nation. Take an afternoon to visit the American Italian Heritage Museum. Located right in the heart of Albany, the museum celebrates the very culture and people that have made the city the special place it is today. With thousands of items on display, children and adults alike can gain a better appreciation of the rich legacy that is unique to the area. There are various exhibits, educational programs and lectures held throughout the year, making each visit to the museum a unique and rewarding experience for you and your family

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AN ABSOLUTE CHARTER FROM the University of the State of New York, Education Department granted October 2016



  2016 Achievement Award Dinner  click here for more photos

Our Immigrant Story

The Times Union series "Our Immigrant Story" is being published in conjunction with a community-wide celebration of immigrants and cultural diversity in the Capital Region

  "The Epiphany of the Lord" January 2016

our American Italian Heritage Museum held an event for the children. A tradional "BEFANA" time for all. Explanation of her, stories, songs, coloring, a hunt for "surprises" and great food & beverage.


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Italian Magazine and Web Site Interview with Professor Dinovo

Published on Tuesday, 15 September 2015 09:07

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Metroland Magazine Readers Poll -"The Best Of"

Best of 2015: Arts & Entertainment

by The Staff on July 23, 2015 ∑

Best Small Museum

The American Italian Heritage Museum

1227 Central Ave., Albany

Actually, this heritage museum isnít that small, containing eight rooms of exhibits plus a cultural center with a full roster of activities, located in a 1920s mission church (the museumís conversion won a preservation award). In addition to its exhibits of artifacts and artworks recording and preserving the story of Italian immigration to, and contributions to, the United States, the museum has a lively events schedule that includes cooking classes.


Lawn Event June 17,2015

FIFTH ANNUAL WALL OF FAME GALA -Honoree: Click here to view photos

Hon. Victoria A. Graffeo

Senior Associate Judge

NY State Court of Appeals



Private screening of the WMHT Event




August 2014

Terri Cosma Mazzara Boor, noted artist has once again donated to the museum one of her well known sculptures. To view more works of art by Terri Boor visit The Boor Sculpture Studio located at the University of Albany.

This sculpture is of her mother, Domenica Cosma Mazzara.

May 2014

The state of New York has put up three signs on Central Ave. to help visitors find our museum.


2014 Wall of Fame   Click here


Dancer's at "Viva Italia"    Click here



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